Living in Haymarket - Edinburgh - A Guide for 2024

Nov 21, 2023

Dreaming of a life in Edinburgh that perfectly balances the old with the new? Look no further than living in Haymarket. Situated in the heart of Scotland's capital, Haymarket is a bustling hub that effortlessly marries historical charm with contemporary living.

In Haymarket, every day is a new opportunity to explore. This district is renowned for its beautiful Victorian architecture, bustling markets, and an array of cafes and restaurants that cater to every taste. The area is also home to the famous Haymarket Station, making it a dream for commuters and explorers alike, with excellent transport links that whisk you to the city centre or to the farthest reaches of Scotland.

But Haymarket is more than just a convenient location; it's a community brimming with life. From its vibrant arts scene to its lush green spaces, there's always something to do or a new corner to discover. Whether you're a professional seeking a dynamic urban life, a student delving into Edinburgh's rich academic culture, or a family looking for a neighbourhood that has it all, Haymarket offers a lifestyle that's hard to beat.

Transport Links:
When it comes to getting around, living in Haymarket offers some of the best transport links in Edinburgh. This area is a true hub for both local and national travel, making it a breeze for residents and visitors alike to navigate the city and beyond.

Haymarket Station: The star of the show is Haymarket Railway Station. Not only is it one of the main railway stations in Edinburgh, but it also serves as a gateway to the rest of Scotland and the UK. Whether you're commuting to work or planning a weekend getaway, the station offers frequent services to a range of destinations, including direct trains to Glasgow, Aberdeen, and even London.

Trams and Buses: Haymarket's connectivity is further enhanced by Edinburgh's efficient tram system. The trams are a swift and eco-friendly way to travel, linking Haymarket with the city centre, Edinburgh Airport, and other key locations. Additionally, a comprehensive network of bus routes passes through the area, ensuring that even the most local journeys are convenient and accessible.

Cycling and Walking Paths: For those who prefer a more active mode of transport, Haymarket is well-served by Edinburgh's network of cycling and walking paths. These routes provide a scenic and healthy way to explore the city, whether you're commuting to work or enjoying a leisurely ride.

Things to do, Places to eat and Drink in Haymarket

Holy Cow Lounge
Established in 2016, this fully vegan café has quickly become a favourite for its delicious, homemade vegan burgers that have won the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. Located conveniently within a short walking distance from Edinburgh Waverley Train Station and close to St. Andrews Bus Station, Holy Cow Lounge is not just about great food – it's about accessibility and community. Nestled near the bustling St. James Shopping Centre, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a guilt-free meal, whether you're a committed vegan or just curious about plant-based eating​

Locanda De Gusti

Discover a piece of Naples in Haymarket with Locanda de Gusti. This cosy eatery, established by Naples native Rosario and his wife Maria, brings the authentic flavours of Southern Italy to Edinburgh. Merging artisan Italian ingredients with Scotland's finest produce, every dish is a celebration of tradition and culinary passion. Whether it's a family gathering, a lunch with friends, or a romantic dinner, Locanda de Gusti offers a warm, familial atmosphere, transporting you to the heart of Naples with every bite.

Nomad Coffee

Nomad Cafe, a charming family-run business nestled in Haymarket, Edinburgh, has been a local favourite since its inception in 2016. Starting as a small wholesale bakery, Nomad has flourished into a beloved spot, known for its homemade breakfasts and grilled sandwich lunch menu. With roots in farmers' markets and a history of supplying cafes and restaurants with bread and pastries, the cafe prides itself on its regular patrons and community spirit​​. The owners, who transitioned from the 5-star hotel scene, bring their culinary and service expertise to this cosy eatery, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that reflects their passion for food and hospitality​.

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is a captivating journey through time and culture, earning its status as the UK's most popular attraction outside London. Here, you can explore Scotland's rich history, the natural world's wonders, and the diverse cultures from across the globe, all under one roof. With its world-class collections, the museum offers an awe-inspiring blend of art, design, science, and history. From ancient artefacts to modern scientific marvels, it's a treasure trove for the curious mind, making it an essential visit for both residents and visitors of Haymarket​​​​.

Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, a stone's throw from the city centre, is a lush paradise for nature lovers and a jewel in Scotland's crown. Established over 350 years ago, this 70-acre oasis offers a stunning array of plants from around the globe, forming one of the world's most spectacular living collections​​. With its roots dating back to the 17th century, the garden not only showcases an extraordinary variety of flora but also serves as a significant centre for plant science, conservation, and education​​. Whether you're taking a leisurely stroll to admire the panoramic city views, including Edinburgh Castle, or immersing yourself in the botanical wonders, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh provides a tranquil and educational escape, bursting with beauty and knowledge at every turn.

Is it for you?

Looking for a picturesque spot in Edinburgh, filled with countless dining, drinking, and exploring opportunities? Haymarket is your perfect match! Boasting convenient access to Edinburgh's bustling city centre and offering enchanting views of the historic skyline, Haymarket's allure is unmistakable.

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