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Area Guides Dec 5, 2019

Along the A10 between Haggerston and Stoke Newington is the bustling, vibrant high street of Dalston. Lined with new bars, clubs and venues, Kingsland Road is the epicentre of the community. There’s a long and rich musical history to Dalston, with several long standing venues, some especially famous in the worlds of Jazz and contemporary music. Rapid gentrification in recent years has made the area extremely well sought after, but the original community remains, especially in its market (that apparently inspired the one in EastEnders), long-standing local businesses, and culture.

The night life and buzz around Dalston has attracted vast swathes of hipsters and artists, but with its roots in residential East London it is also well equipped for families. The two local stations run regular Overground services gives locals decent access to the city. The local residential architecture is largely Victorian terraces, however there are also a few modern tower blocks and new builds.



The two stations that service Dalston run overground, rather than underground services. The closest tube station is Highbury and Islington which is a 25 minute walk, or ten minute train ride away from Dalston.


Dalston Kingsland to Stratford: 18 minutes, Overground line.

Dalston Junction to Kings Cross: 19 minutes, Overground and Victoria lines.

Dalston Kingsland to Victoria: 17 minutes, Overground and Victoria lines.

Dalston Junction to Westminster: 28 minutes, Overground and Jubilee lines.

Dalston Junction to Cannon Street: 20 minutes, Overground and District lines.


Dalston to Liverpool Street: 30 minutes, route 21 or 141.

Dalston to King’s Cross: 35 minutes, routes 73, 56, or 476.

Dalston to Cannon Street: routes 149, 21, or 141.

Dalston to Old Street: 20 minutes, routes 149 or 242.

Dalston to Euston: 43 minutes, route 30.


Mossbourne community academy has been deemed an ‘outstanding’ secondary school by Ofsted, offering locals brilliant state funded education. A popular primary school in the area is Our Lady and St Joseph Primary, a catholic school which has also received an ‘outstanding’ in its most recent Ofsted report. Private education options are available in nearby Islington, where North Bridge Senior School (for 11 to 18-year-olds) enjoys an exceptional reputation for high academic success.

Average Rental Price:

One bed: £1,752 pcm

Two bed: £2,241 pcm

Three bed: £3,019 pcm

Four bed: £4,267 pcm as of 21/11/2019

Council Tax:

To be paid to the London Borough of Hackney County Council, find more information here.

Life in Dalston Junction

The thriving party and music scene make Dalston an exciting, lively area by night, and by day it’s still pretty busy on the high street, but less so with less revelry and more with living. Kingsland road provides residents with everything they might need, with a multitude of supermarkets, banks, restaurants.

Culture and Leisure

Café Oto

This minimally decorated, unassuming small venue is somewhat of a local legend, hosting some of the biggest names in the contemporary music scene. It has a reputation for showcasing cutting edge, boundary pushing music, which – whether or not that’s your thing – is definitely worth checking out. The bar there serves a well curated selection of craft beer, wine, and snacks.

The Arcola

This theatre is very special to Dalston, especially since engagement with the local community is at the core of its ethos. The former paint factory shows exciting, ‘off west end’ theatre involving new and established talent. It’s worth keeping an eye on their programme, or going to the two-week long festival held there every August.

Rio Cinema

One of the most loved in London, this independent cinema shows art house and blockbuster films on two screens. The stunning, art deco façade evokes classic Hollywood glamour, and the interior of the main screen with its red seats and curtains match up well. The café/bar there serves exclusively local refreshments, solidifying its status as a Dalston gem.

Food and Drink

Voodoo Rays

The neon lights of voodoo rays have become a beacon for partiers out in Dalston, desperate for a bite to eat. Their unorthodox yet beautifully executed pizza toppings, served by the slice, have made it hugely popular on the high street, and it's hard to pass by without picking something up. The seventies inspired décor makes it a fun place to have a slice with friends, and, if you feel like bringing the pizza party home, they also sell their huge, 22-inch pizzas by the pie.

The Victoria

As well as a great bar selling an impressive selection of locally brewed craft beers and classic cocktails, the Victoria is a well-established music venue. The décor is classic, 1950s pub, with a central bar island, but it has a secret… Pull open a hidden door in the floor to ceiling bookcase, and you’re through to the classic, grungy music venue, a whole other world to the main bar. Many up and coming bands have passed through, making it a widely respected and loved site.

Stone Cave

Of the many Turkish restaurants in Dalston, this one is probably the most popular. The magical, faux cave walls and hanging lamps of coloured glass make for a cosy, other worldly scene. The atmosphere is always great, with the whole wall facing the high street often folded open, to share the buzz of Dalston with eaters. The food is fresh, traditional Turkish cuisine presented beautifully.

Is Dalston for you?

Dalston is widely recognised as the ‘place to be’ at the moment in London, but with its cultural roots firmly planted you can be sure that it will remain popular for a long time. There’s a lot packed into the area, making it extremely vibrant and dynamic, making it well suited to city types who love to try out the next big thing.

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