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Area Guides Dec 2, 2019

There are two things you won’t go too long without seeing in East Dulwich: a push chair, and an artisan coffee house. Due in part to said coffee houses, as well as the high concentration of good schools in the area, East Dulwich has become the trendy-parent capital of South East London. East of Brixton and West of Peckham, it’s yummy mummy and cool dad central.

The area has a long history, dating as far back as the second century during Saxon rule. First founded as ‘East Dilwihs’, or ‘the meadow where the dill grew’, today dill is not grown in East Dulwich, but bought in the organic produce shops that are among many on the main high street: Lordship Lane. The widespread lean towards renovation rather than redevelopment in the area has made for a pleasant setting that is lively, whilst still remaining laid-back.



East Dulwich has a national rail service rather than a tube station, which connects to many tube services. The nearest tube station is Peckham Rye which is a 20-minute bus ride away on the P13  route.


to Victoria: 35 minutes, route 185.

To Brixton: 30 minutes, route 37.


to Kings Cross: 32 minutes, Southern service and Northern line.

to Westminster: 25 minutes, Southern service and Northern line.

To Cannon Street: 28 minutes, Southern and South Eastern services.

to Waterloo: 22 minutes, Southern service and Jubilee line.


The high frequency of good schools in the area has made East Dulwich hot property for parents looking for a family home. And as such, getting a place in said schools can be tricky. A favourite junior school in the area for children aged 7-11 is Dulwich Hamlet Junior School. The picturesque, Victorian era school doesn’t just look great but has received an ‘Outstanding’ in every category of its most recent Ofsted report. A regular secondary school choice for locals is the Charter School, a state school with a reputation for very high expectations and an ‘Outstanding’ in its most recent Ofsted report. There are also a number of options for private school education, including the extremely successful JAGS (James Allen’s Girls’ School).

Average Rental Price

1 Bed: £1,335 pcm

2 Bed: £1,709 pcm

3 Bed: £1,976 pcm

4 Bed: £2779 pcm as of 6/11/2019

Council Tax:

To be paid to London Borough of Southwark County Council, more information can be found here.

Life in East Dulwich

As the area has been moulded into a haven for young families, many of the local attractions are catered to them. That is to say, you’d have to go down the road to Brixton or Peckham for a crazy night out, but you won’t be hard pressed to find a find a family friendly pub to have a drink in. Locals have access to plenty of green space and get good use out of it. Life in East Dulwich centres on Lordship Lane where you’ll find the Picture House cinema and grocery shops.

Culture and Leisure

Peckham Rye Park

Peckham Rye is a well maintained, and much loved local green space. With a history of green-ness going back to the Norman conquest, it’s a well-established part of London and has even been absorbed into the local language: ‘Peckham Rye’ is cockney rhyming slang for ‘tie’, of course... There are a number of facilities in the park, including an adventure playground and indoor playroom, a café, and sports fields.

Dulwich Leisure Centre

This is the oldest serving public baths in the city, and the beautiful Victorian era building is Grade II listed. There are a number of excellent facilities there, including a gym, a 25-meter swimming pool, and a creche where children can get involved in activities whilst their carers exercise.

Dulwich Picture House

Another example of beautiful period architecture in East Dulwich, and an excellent leisure facility for the locals. The cosy, 3 screen cinema shows the latest blockbuster hits, as well as independent and classic films. It also offers a weekly kids club, autism-friendly, and dementia-friendly film screenings. Their café is not to be overlooked either, including an outdoor seating area and popular lunch menu.

Food and Drink

Blackbird Bakery

A winner for lunch, or a casual coffee and cake, the blackbird bakery fits into East Dulwich well. Their tasteful, classic café décor is almost as pleasant as their cake, which even comes in the vegan variety. Their breakfast and lunch menus are modest, tasty, and healthy, and they offer a variety of different breads depending on the day of the week.

The Lordship Pub

A family friendly gastro pub on Lordship Lane (hence the name). A great place for Sunday lunch or a casual drink. There’s a good selection of beer and cask ales and it delivers everything you’d ask for from a cosy English pub, albeit with a contemporary up-do.

Yama Momo

This restaurant combines traditional Japanese Izakaya cooking with Spanish tapas, and it seems to work very well. Along with their meticulously crafted cocktails, Yama Momo’s food is exciting and vibrant. Their tableware and décor are classy, minimal, and modern, producing the perfect setting for a special and/or romantic meal. If you’re a foodie moving into the area, it’ll have to be one of the first places on your list.

Is East Dulwich for you?

East Dulwich has a great community of young families, who get plenty of use out of the local amenities. It’s an excellent choice for someone looking for a welcoming, picturesque area with a relaxed atmosphere. The national rail services give the area decent access to the city, whilst it feels far enough away to provide its own, small town experience.


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