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Area Guides Apr 18, 2024

Sitting in a charming enclave, between Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith, Ravenscourt offers a picturesque suburban retreat with its own unique historical charm. Known primarily for Ravenscourt Park, an idyllic setting featuring a 20-acre walled garden complete with lush fields, meticulously maintained gardens, and a serene lake. This park, once a segment of the manor gardens belonging to a mistress of Edward III, boasts a rich history, where the lake once served as part of a moat surrounding the manor house.

The residential streets of Ravenscourt are lined with beautifully preserved period housing, adding a touch of historical elegance to the neighbourhood. Its proximity to the Thames enhances the quaint, peaceful vibe, making it a highly sought-after location for those seeking a tranquil haven within London.

For your day-to-day needs, the local high street on King Street offers a variety of practical shopping options. The area supports a relaxed lifestyle but doesn’t fall short on leisure opportunities, especially near the river. Plus, with Hammersmith just a stone's throw away, residents of Ravenscourt benefit from easy access to a fantastic range of activities, including shopping and dining, ensuring you’ll never be bored.

For those considering a move, the apartments in Ravenscourt offer a blend of historical ambience with modern living, ideal for anyone looking to settle in a place with character and convenience. Whether you’re drawn to its historical roots or the tranquil daily living, Ravenscourt stands out as a prime choice for renters in London.


Ravenscourt is exceptionally well-connected, making it an ideal choice for commuters and explorers alike. The Ravenscourt Park station on the District Line provides direct access to central London, ensuring a swift and straightforward commute only taking 30 minutes to reach Kings Cross. Additionally, numerous bus routes serve the area, facilitating convenient travel to nearby neighborhoods such as Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush, and beyond. For those who prefer cycling, dedicated bike lanes and quiet streets make it a safe and enjoyable area to navigate on two wheels. Whether you’re traveling into the city for work or exploring what the local area has to offer, Ravenscourt’s transport options are both robust and reliable.

Things to Do, Places to eat and drink.

Life is fairly easy going in Ravenscourt Park, with most locals travelling into central London to work, the area is maintained as a place for relaxing and spending time with the family. The local pubs, especially those along the river, are ample and pretty, and there are plenty of casual eateries in the area.

Culture and Leisure

Ravenscourt Park

This park is well cared for and much loved by locals, with a history of planting that goes back a very, very long time. There are a number of leisure facilities available, including tennis and basketball courts, a bowling green, and an all-weather sports pitch. There are two cafes in the park, including a Fait Maison Tea Room. The walled garden is a particularly noteworthy spot, kept up by the local community. It’s a real asset to the area and makes for a pleasant green space for locals.

London Corinthian Sailing Club

Do you sail? Do you want to learn how to sail? Do you like sitting on a bench by the Thames and watching people sail by? The sailing club is a good thing for the locals, whether you sail or not, and adds colour to the Thames. They offer training for a variety of skill levels.

Emery Walker’s House

This beautiful, very well conserved, Grade II listed building was once home to a pioneer of the print world and a key member of the arts and crafts movement. Tours can be booked to be shown around the magnificent interior and get a close look at the artefacts within. It’s also situated among many beautiful period buildings and makes for a great stop off during a walk on the Thames.

Food and Drink

Toro Gordo

A cosy and casual restaurant, serving traditional Spanish tapas. The highly decorated interior of Toro Gordo is very homely and makes you feel like you’re somewhere that’s been around a while and means to stay. The name means ‘fat bull’ which seems like a welcome invitation to eat everything, and we deeply implore you do.

The Anglesea Arms

This pub is full of character, with a menu of food and drink that is generous and inviting. It’s a typical Victorian corner pub with a lot of class. Their menu is seasonal Mediterranean food, but they also serve a decadent Sunday lunch. Great for a casual drink or a luxurious meal. Look for the dark blue pub, with the bull and devil-creature crest.

Patisserie Sainte-Anne

Since this patisserie was practically lifted out of the ground and dragged over from Paris to Ravenscourt park, it isn’t superfluous to say that Patisserie Sainte-Anne is a bit of France in London. They offer classic French baking including such favourites as: croissant, éclair, pain au chocolat and – who could forget – the traditional baguette. They also have an eat-in lunch and dinner menu and serve great coffee.

Is Ravenscourt Park for you?

Ravenscourt Park has plenty to offer a family in London, and, though dwarfed by Hammersmith, the park itself and the attention that’s given to it gives the area its own sense of local identity. Its surrounded by many of the great riverside ‘villages’ of London, and shares much of their charm. It’s a great place for families, or commuters who want to be well away from the workplace but don’t want a long journey to work.


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