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Stockwell is a residential district sitting just south of Vauxhall, north of Brixton, and southwest of the city. The name Stockwell comes from a well that used to be located in the area, which has since been replaced by taps. The architecture is a mixture of old and new-builds, including Victorian terraces and larger housing blocks. The area has a thriving Portuguese community, and is sometimes referred to as ‘Little Portugal’.

Stockwell station is on both the Victoria and Northern line, providing inhabitants with very easy access to central London destinations, as well as further afield from most of the major national rail stations that sit on these lines. Stockwell has local schools and amenities that cater to families, but also easy access to areas like Brixton and Clapham, meeting the fun quota for young professionals!



Stockwell to Brixton: 3 minutes, Victoria line.

Stockwell to Kings Cross: 18 minutes, Victoria line.

Stockwell to Victoria: 5 minutes, Victoria line.

Stockwell to Westminster: 14 minutes, Victoria and Jubilee lines.

Stockwell To Cannon Street: 18 minutes, Northern line.


Stockwell to Brixton: 15 minutes, routes 2, 196, or 333.

Stockwell to Victoria: 20 minutes, route 2.


Nearest national rail station is Brixton, which is a 15 minute walk away and offers services to the north and west of the city centre, as well Orpington and Bromley.


There are a number of primary schools in the area, including Loughborough school that has been praised by Ofsted for its provisions for children with disabilities and special educational needs. There’s also a grammar school in the area, Platanos College, which received an ‘Outstanding’ in its most recent Ofsted report. A great option for parents and carers looking for a SEN high school is nearby Lansdowne School. Lansdowne has received high acclaim from parents and some students travel a good distance to attend.

Average Rental Price

1 Bed: £1,899 pcm

2 Bed: £3,236 pcm

3 Bed: £4,545 pcm

4 Bed: £3,048 pcm as of 3/11/2019

Council Tax

To be paid to the London Borough of Lambeth Council, more information can be found here.

Life in Stockwell

Locals can enjoy all the wonders of Brixton, but there are also more than a few local sites for residents of Stockwell. Myatt’s Fields is the perfect space to enjoy some clean green air, and there are a variety of local bars and restaurants on offer for members of the community to relax and socialise without having to travel too far.

Culture and Leisure

Myatt’s fields park

Dedicated to making Stockwell a green, healthy neighbourhood, this Grade II listed park is an asset to the local community. As it’s an ongoing project, there are always events going on, and ways to get involved in keeping the park as special as it is. Some regular activities are greenhouse gardening, and community lunches made from the products of that very greenhouse, markets, and family fun days. The park also includes a tennis court, football pitch, and basketball area.

Stockwell Playhouse

Dedicated to showcasing new and emerging talent. Stockwell Playhouse has for over 30 years provided a diverse programme of exciting new theatre. It also provides acting lessons for budding talent, as well as the One Act, and five-minute festivals, which challenge playwrights to create a great show within an extremely limited time frame.

Type Archive

The Type Archive houses an impressive collection of typefounding materials, dating back as early as the 15th century. Visitors are educated on the incredible history of the printed press, and the archive is a treasured and unique spot for Stockwell. It hosts exhibitions and events fairly regularly and is definitely worth a visit.

Food and Drink


Curry with the perfect booze to match: Booma clearly has a great thing going on. Alongside tapas style portions of classic north Indian dishes, guests are invited to match their dishes with small drinks measures, to cultivate a varied and full restaurant experience. The sleek modern interior matches the modern, fusion concept, and the place has received plenty of praise from locals and newcomers alike.

Canton Arms

This place sets the bar high for great pub food, serving simple dishes done extremely well for a decent price. They serve casque ales and a wide variety of Italian and French wines. It’s a local favourite for food and drink, and offers a friendly atmosphere and many seats.

Funchal Bakery

There’s a great Portuguese community in Stockwell, and Funchal Bakery is one of their many great imports to the area. Serving as a sandwich bar, deli, and bakery, it has a lot to offer for a local lunch, and who could resist a Portuguese custard tart for afterwards? Its unpretentious, friendly atmosphere has made it a favourite among locals, and it’s a good independent business to support.

Is Stockwell for you?

The residents of Stockwell are increasingly dedicated to looking after the area, evident in the efforts of the local park and playhouse, and it has a long lasting and strong community. The area provides comfortable, affordable living and is within reach of some of the best spots London has to offer.


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