Managing a rental property: what to do when there's a problem

Landlords Jun 8, 2021

Managing a rental property is a complex and time-consuming enterprise. Many experienced landlords still find themselves often wrongfooted by a rogue property maintenance issue that they haven’t encountered previously. The UK rental market is also truly a reflection of life’s rich tapestry - full of eccentric characters and quirky personalities.

Despite thorough referencing and a pre-tenancy meet and greet, you can never be certain how compatible you are going to be as landlord and tenant. You might get along swimmingly during the honeymoon period after an offer is agreed, but clashes in communication style and people’s interesting (and potentially unhelpful) character quirks will soon become abundantly apparent if things go wrong. Furthermore, even the most laid back and accommodating tenants have their patience stretched understandably thin after their boiler breaks in the dead of winter.

To help landlords who are new to property management get to grips with what to do in the event of a maintenance problem at a rental property, our property management experts have shared some of their best crisis-management tips. In the below guide, we share some thoughts on how to go about resolving your maintenance issues quickly and cost-effectively while keeping your tenants happy at the same time.

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Jess Brookes

Content Manager at Home Made

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