We are Home Made: Arlette

Team Jul 29, 2020

Here is the next article in our blog series introducing landlords and renters to our fantastic Home Made team! Together, we come from 21 different countries (and counting) and a range of industry backgrounds, and our diversity is our strength. This series showcases the unique individuals at the heart of our mission to make the process of renting and letting property better for everyone. Read on to find out more about the people taking care of your property needs.

Meet Arlette, our customer acquisition associate and Home Made's bravest daredevil.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born in Rwanda and raised in London. Prior to joining Home Made I worked in telemarketing roles for the charity Greenpeace and two telecommunications companies. I loved the thrill of hitting all my targets and being the top performer but I didn’t enjoy upselling products to consumers that didn’t really need them, so it was time to make a change.

In my spare time, I love creating art using any medium and I have a particular passion for painting with acrylics. I also travel frequently as I love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and conquering my fears.

I wouldn’t say I’m an adrenaline junkie, but I like to push myself to get over my fears by facing them head-on. I overcame my fear of heights by taking a trip to go skydiving, and for my next adventure I want to go bungee jumping off a mountain somewhere in a hot country.

Why Home Made?

I had never worked in a startup before, and I love having the opportunity to shape how the company develops as we grow.

Home Made also hires such amazing and diverse talent. It’s a great opportunity to learn from people from all walks of life both at work and on a personal level. For example, I’ve always wanted to learn how to play chess and I was able to learn over lockdown thanks to Diana (customer experience manager).

What makes us unique?

The level of care that goes into every part of the lettings process. From Growth and Marketing at the top of the funnel to Sales and Operations at the bottom, we all share the same diligence and commitment to customer experience.

Arlette on top of the world in South Africa (with ever-present takeout coffee in shot).

Favourite area of London and why?

I love Camden. It’s such a unique part of London and I have fond childhood memories there. I also love the cute Camden Mews - if you’re a landlord letting one of those I’d love to chat!

Fun fact:

I have randomly bumped into Graham Norton on three separate occasions. It gets more awkward every time and I try to avoid eye contact now.

Read more about Home Made on our blog and website, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin for useful info and updates. If you are interested in joining the team, you can view all the job openings we have available here.


Jess Brookes

Content Manager at Home Made

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