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Area Guides Oct 28, 2019

Arguably one of the most fun and lively places in the whole of London to live, Camden is a bustling hub of excitement and activity with its unique vibe hitting you as soon as you step out of the tube station. Located in North London, Camden is bursting with artistic creativity and is rich in literary history, as this was once the home of Charles Dickens. You can find a wide range of people in Camden ranging from students to musicians to hipsters and families. The area is most known for the infamous Camden Market which tourists from across the world travel far and wide to visit. In fact, the market alone attracts a staggering 28 million visitors each year. Properties in this area are in high demand due to its good transport links and plethora of places to eat and entertain yourself.

The 1960’s marked the shift in Camden’s history when what could only be described as a ‘cultural revolution’ took place. Rock and psychedelia came into fashion and people began expressing their political viewpoints through creative means such as music and art. As people became more experimental with their fashion and art, they began to trade on the Camden Market stalls in 1974 which over the next few decades, grew into a mini empire of over 1,000 stalls, restaurants and shops.



Camden Town Zone 2: Northern Line

Camden Road Zone 2: Overground

Camden Town to Euston: 3-minute tube

Camden Town to Kings Cross: 5-minute tube

Camden Town to Waterloo: 13-minute tube

Camden Town to Bank: 13-minute tube

Camden Town to London Bridge: 15-minute tube

Camden Road to Stratford: 19-minute tube


There are no National Rail Service trains departing from Camden however, Kings Cross, Euston and Kentish Town are a short tube or bus ride away where there are train services to catch from there.


Bus Number 27: Hammersmith

Bus Number 88: Westminster

Bus Number 134: North Finchley

Bus Number 214: Old Street

Bus Number 24: Victoria

Average Rental Price

1 bed: £1,630 pcm

2 bed: £2,359 pcm

3 bed: £2,584 pcm

4 bed: £3,573 pcm

Council Tax

To be paid to Camden Council


There are a lot of schools in the area of Camden which creates strong demand from families. Outstanding rated primary schools include, Richard Cobden, Holy Trinity and Saint Silas C of E and St Mary and St Pancras C of E. Some of the best secondary schools include Regent High, Acland Burghley and La Sainte Union RC. There are also a number of private schools in the area including The Cavendish School RC, North Bridge House and The Village School.

Life in Camden

If you are a lover of art, music, food, nightlife and shopping then Camden will tick all your boxes. It is full of diversity and you will often find people from all walks of life. Walking down Camden High Street, your senses will be engulfed with the sights of street art, the sounds of local traders and the scent of delicious, freshly cooked food. Read on to find our suggestions of the best places to eat, drink and have some fun in Camden.

Food & Drink:

-          Camden Market

It would be a sin to live in Camden and not visit the impressive Camden Market. The market comprises of several adjoining markets of food, drinks, clothing, household goods, accessories, toys…the list goes on. But if we’re going to be honest, most people come to Camden Market to chow down on some of the best food in London. It can often be a bit overwhelming when you first arrive at the market and see the array of authentic, tasty food, so here’s what you should try out. Begin with some deep-fried halloumi sticks smothered in sauce from Oli Baba’s. Then, try the creamiest Mac and Cheese from The Mac Factory, with your favourite toppings. Try out some delicious, flavoursome falafel from Nazari Falafel and finish with some freshly made churros dipped in Nutella. You won’t be disappointed!

-          Camden Coffee House

2017’s Small Business of the Year, the Camden Coffee House has spread its wings and now has branches in Ladbroke Grove and Shepherd’s Bush, amongst others. However, head to Camden Road to try some coffee with freshly roasted coffee beans in their flagship store. Interestingly, their house espresso coffee blend changes each week to help their drinks match with the season. They keep their tea local which is sourced straight from the Camden Tea Co. It is highly rated by visitors and locals alike who return each day for their morning coffee.

-          Mildred’s

Located a five minute walk from Camden Town station, Mildred’s is a vegetarian restaurant serving a range of internationally inspired vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. They offer diners a meat-free, teriyaki chicken burger, Sri Lankan vegetable curry, meat-free Lebanese chicken and even Caribbean jerk tofu. There are not many places that can say they offer food from Asian, Middle Eastern and Caribbean cuisines under one roof and for it to then all be meat-free! I would say that Mildred’s hits the nail on the head for originality and innovation.

Culture & Leisure:

-          Shaka Zulu

Looking for something a little different to the usual clubbing venues? Then look no further. Shaka Zulu, located in the heart of Camden, is an African inspired venue that from wall to ceiling is decorated with ornate, wooden carvings, dark, sleek walls and Zulu statues. During the daytime, Shaka offers to ultimate South African dining experience where you can sample traditional dishes such as crocodile cigars (finely diced crocodile loin) and beef bobotie (curried mince with egg-based topping). However, in the evenings, it transforms into one of Camden’s most lively and fun nightclubs with 2 floors of bars and dance floors. Music is varied and you can book a private table with champagne for you and your friends to celebrate a birthday or just a Friday – no judgement.

-          Camden Arts Centre

The Camden Arts Centre is a hub for world-class, contemporary art with exhibitions that are free to explore. It strives to inspire the local community with the ideas and perspectives of the artists whose work is exhibited. There is also the opportunity to join the Camden Art’s Centre education programme where you can take part in free activities, projects and outreach work to inspire the next generation of artists. So, whether you’re an upcoming artist who needs a space to show your work or if you just want keep your finger on the pulse of the London art scene, the Art’s Centre is a great place to visit.

-          Cyberdog

Cyberdog is an eclectic clothing and accessories store located within Camden Market. As you enter, you’ll be met with trance music, fluorescent lighting and cage dancers. The store specialises in fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark clothing, shoes, glasses and even an over 18’s only section in the basement. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it is a surreal experience that you are sure to not find in any other retail shop in London.

Is it for you?

Camden is pretty much for everyone! It is one of the most diverse and accepting boroughs in London where you will find students, artists, musicians, writers, families, city workers and tourists. There are excellent tube and bus routes to major train stations, and it is an easy commute to Central London. If you enjoy being in a spirited environment with a countless number of restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from and not forgetting the notorious Camden Market, then Camden is right up your street.


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